Which Is The Best Wood To Use For Firewood?

A low quality firewood, Alder is a hardwood that’s a member of the birch family. Alder is also used for smoking and flavoring meats. The wood gives off a sweet smell and flavor and is bet used for cooking. Wet alder produces a lot of smoke and leaves behind a lot of ash.
Apple gives off a pleasing sweet aroma when burning and burns slow and steady. This firewood comes at a higher price compared to other similar hardwoods. Recommended for cooking/smoking.
Considered to be one of the best woods for firewood in winter. It has a low water content and burns at a steady rate.
Beech has a high water content so only burns well when seasoned or kiln dried. Often beech is turned into briquettes which burn really well.
Birch is an excellent firewood and will burn easy with a large flame. However, it does burn very fast so is best mixed with slower burning wood such as Ash or Oak. Birch can be lit by peeling its bark to create a natural firelighter.
A good firewood  for making kindling, which burns well with a pleasant cedar smell.
Burns well with a pleasant smell however, this is best used in cooking or in stoves due to the risk of spitting on an open fire.
A good firewood but contains a very high water content it must be dried very well. When dry, elm will produce a high amount of heat, you may need to mix it with another faster burning wood such as Birch to keep it burning.
Burns comparable to oak. Burns very hots with a high flame due to its oil content,  so not suitable for all stoves. Burns fast with a pleasant smell and without spitting.
Hazel is a good all round firewood when dry it burns well without spitting. It's not a very common firewood and hard to source as it has many other uses and benefits, wonderful firewood and nuts but because of its' flexibility it is also used for making hurdles, stakes garden furniture.
Holly is a fast burning wood that produces a nice flame but gives off little heat output. Holly can burn when green, however it is a poor quality wood for fires.
Horse Chestnut
A lower quality wood that we would only recommend if you was given it as free firewood.
Larch is not recommended for indoor use as it produces an oily soot than can build up in your chimney.
Oak is considered as one of the best firewood’s, it gives off a good amount of heat and burns reasonably slowly. Oak is a good wood for use in wood burning stoves for those cold winter nights.
Olive Wood
Olive wood comes in lumps or nuggets range than logs like most wood. It is very good for use in smoking foods and gives of a lovely aroma that is perfect for meat and fish.  Olive wood burns for a long period and is best to mix with other cheaper woods when burning to reduce costs.
Often used for kindling, pine burs very quickly and smells great.
Sweet Chestnut
Sweet Chestnut burns well after it has been well dried. It is known for spitting and therefore is not recommended for indoor use.
Walnut firewood is a good quality wood that burns clean, is easy to light and has a pleasant aroma. It doesn't burn as hot and as long as other woods like Oak, but is far superior than other softwoods such as pine and fur.
A heavy, large tree that uses up a lot of time and energy to process, therefore not recommended for regular use as this is a costly firewood.