Where to find good logs for sale?


Where to find good logs for sale?

Where to find good logs for sale- Guide to buying your firewood online.


What is better for fires, Kiln dried logs or seasoned wood?

Kiln dried wood and seasoned wood can come from the same tree, however, it is the drying process that removes the moisture content of the wood that makes the difference. Typically, a when a tree is first cut/felled it will contain anything between 65-90% water depending on the species of tree. For seasoned wood the felled tree must be stored in the forest for up to two years. The trees are often stored in a dry area once they have been cut into logs, the logs are then dried naturally through a good airflow. The process of drying the logs stops after 9 months but the wood still remains for a total of 2 years to be classed as seasoned.

Kiln dried wood has a different process to remove the moisture, once the tree has been felled it is then cut into logs and put into a kiln where the drying process begins and brings the moisture content down to less than 22%. Not only is the kiln drying process quicker, it is on average 33% more efficient when burning. This is due to the fact that when you place seasoned wood on a fire a lot of the heat and energy is wasted by drying the wood before it burns. Kiln dried wood is far superior as it burns straight away at a consistent higher temperature. Kiln dried word is considered as green/eco wood due to its efficiency.


There are 2 common types of kiln dried wood which are Ash, Birch, this is because they have a lower starting moisture content which means that its takes less time to dry in the kiln. This is why these types of firewood are generally cheaper than the other denser types of wood that take longer to dry.


Some final points on ‘Kiln dried’ or ‘seasoned hardwood’ logs


Kiln dried is cleaner as insects and mould spores do not survive the kiln process.

  • Cleaner nicer looking wood that produces less bark and debris.
  • All similar sizes which helps for storage
  • Cleaner burning with less fumes and gasses which can cause chimney/flue buildups with other types of firewood.
  • Lighter weight due to the moisture content of the wood – Cheaper transport costs.
  • Easy to Ignite and burns more efficiently.
  • Ready to burn straight away with no need to dry.


Do i need to use kindling with kiln dried wood? How easy is kiln dried wood to light and do i still need kindling or will a just a firelighter do?


It is possible to light kiln dried wood with just a firelighter, providing it is of good quality. Our natural firelighters have a wax coating that allows them to burn for up to 10 minutes, two of these positioned correctly on the kiln logs should be enough to get a fire started. Some of the logs tend to be cut into a wedge shape with a thin point, we would recommend stacking the firewood so that this thinner part of the log is positioned over the flame like in the picture below.

Although it is possible to light a fire without the kindling we would recommend that you still use some tinder or softwood kindling. This wood is easier to light and burns quicker, so it is widely used to get the fire going quickly.

If you happen to have no kindling or firelighters then there are a few things that you can do to help light your fire.

Peeling the bark off the wood to use as a firelighter is a good alternative as it burns really quickly and is also easy to peel off when you have kiln dried wood. If you also shave off some of the log.

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