Should all of your cooking be done in a wood-fired oven?

Should all of your cooking be done in a wood-fired oven?


Should all of your cooking be done in a wood-fired oven?

Cookery schools are now beginning to offer courses to help people to learn how to use a wood burning stove.

Now that this has reached the college cookery lesson level, it really is time to get serious about the cooking on wood stove trend.


It’s more than just being about delicious doughy pizzas and the crunchy taste of sourdough bread which may not just be the stuff of dreams, or Jamie Oliver TV shows.


The popularity of this form of more natural cooking is growing daily as people everywhere begin to realise the benefits and the delights.

The idea that it is like the good old British barbecue still hangs around of course. But cooking on a wood fired oven is most definitely not about rain-soaked sausages and huddling on the patio with the umbrella to hand, or a dash indoors.

The terrific thing about these ovens is the difference in taste and we are talking here about real taste, not a bit of air flow from the fan oven or the little electric steamer in the corner.


Joints of meat melt in the mouth, if not on the fork; they emerge from the fire sweetly moist, tender and tasty. For the fish lovers – and you soon will be after eating fish with a distinct taste from the cooking on wood fire brigade – it is pure heaven. The skin is crisp and the flesh like soft tissue, baked to perfection. Served with deliciously scorched aubergines and roast potatoes like you’ve never tasted before, you will never want to cook it any other way.


Of course, there are also the health benefits, clean, lean, fresh and naturally cooked food; top this with the environmental benefits which need no further explanation and you have a meal fit for a king.

Up and down the country, restaurants from big cities to county towns have been getting in on the wood fired act and installing the wonderful ovens. Luring their customers in has never been so easy. Householders are now seeing the advantage too.

So, yes, you could do virtually all your cooking in such an oven and you probably wouldn’t miss your trustworthy electric oven.

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