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Smokeless Coal


  • 10Kg Bags Smokeless Coal
  • Suitable for Smoke Controlled Areas
  • Suitable for Open Fires
  • Defra Approved
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Smokeless coal is great for over night burning, or for people who are busy. Once it is alight, you will have a long burning fuel that really kicks out a heat.

Our smokeless fuel is suitable for all multifuel stoves and fireplaces and come in handy 10kg sacks.

You can use our smokeless coal inside smoke control areas like London.


  • To light smokeless fuel you would need Kindling and Natural Firelighters.
  • Add a handful of kindling into your oven/grill
  • Place coals around the kindling
  • light the kindling using the firelighters
  • push the coals closer to the flames until the coals catch
  • Top up as required

Smokeless coal is better than normal coal and it burns for longer, is cleaner for your chimney.

Using Smokeless Coal means you will have an efficient burn you and will need less reloading than burning kiln dried logs.

Try burning a kiln dried log on top for a nice flame picture.


Store in a dry place.

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