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Olive Wood


  • 10-12kg, hessian sacks of olive wood
  • Long burn time
  • Sweet Smell
  • Burns Hot
  • Great for Smoking
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Olive wood logs is a must-try for all fire lovers – by adding olive wood to your fire you get a lovely infusion of intense Mediterranean flavour and smell. Once the wood is smoking you will be able to smell the sweet smell and feel the incredible heat produced. We love olive wood logs, and we think you will too!

Olive wood logs burn for an incredible amount of time, the aroma of an olive log is very sweet and a must buy for all fire enthusiasts!

The grain is very close together which means it burns slow and hot. People who like cooking with wood should try this, it will make your day!

Olive wood can be used in any fire pits, chimineas, pizza ovens and smokers.

This olive wood produces a nice amount of smoke, so there is no need to wet the wood prior to using it for your smoking.

Grilling over a wood fire is more challenging than grilling over charcoal and coals. The wood burns hotter than most charcoal, therefore, burns faster.

Olive wood is derived from the olive tree, a small, fruit-bearing tree found in much of the Mediterranean and Africa. Olive trees have thick, irregular tree trunks and knotted branches, This makes some interesting shaped pieces of wood.

Olive wood that is used for firewood generally comes from trees from the agricultural industry, since the trees eventually stop producing olives fruit and no longer required.

Your order will be sent out on a pallet with the number of bags required, this is the pallets wrapped so to keep the wood dry and protect it from any elements. This means that you can have the wood delivered to your driveway without the need to be in to accept the delivery.

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