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Log-Barn Chiminea Steel Firepit


  • ✅ Stylist Design: Our Chiminea is the perfect way to complement your garden all year round. Enjoy time at home with your friends and family burning wood on your patio. This garden heater looks great, is well built and it comes with a poker to help you move the logs around when they have burnt down. We recommend using kiln dried logs, as this will keep the smoke down.
  • ✅ Wow factor Flue pipe: Our logo in-print on the flue pipe creates a real wow factor when burning as you can see the flames, it also makes a great place to roast marshmallows. Inside the well-packaged box, there are instructions on how to screw the legs into place and the screws and Allen key and mini spanner to secure the triangular leg support.
  • ✅ Measurements: Width: 43cm Depth: 43cm Height: 83cm Height (Including Flue Pipe): 118cm
  • ✅ Made from Steel: Our Chimenia is made from thick steel to give it strength and keep it light. Clay chimineas can be very heavy, unlike our patio heater, which weighs 6.1KG. This means when it is cold, you can move it to a different spot in your garden with ease.
  • ✅ Conditioning the Chiminea: When you first light your Chiminea, it needs to be cured by heating gradually on the first fire. The Chiminea needs to be cured, just like a wood burning stove when you first get it, you will see smoke on the outside coming off, as the paint cures. This is normal and a little smelly for about 10 minutes. If you are having friends round as of an evening, we would recommend you do the first burn before you are sitting around enjoying the flames.
  • ✅ Essential Home Pub garden Equipment: If your summer weekends are based in your home pub, this is an essential bit of kit for your outside Pub Garden. Put a slab underneath and enjoy on the lawn or on the patio. Remember not to use indoors, or on wooden decking, this outside heater gets very hot and should never be touched while in use.
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Tall Patio Chimenea made from Steel. Time to enjoy the Patio all year round! Buy one of these and bring joy to your back garden in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with our Modern Chimenea. Classic in design, the chiminea allows the flames to be shown through the flue pipe, only available with our Log-Barn Chimenea! You can burn any wood in a Chimenea, just make sure it’s dry. Our Favourite is Kiln Dried Silver Birch, Kiln Dried Ash, as the flames are big and bright. You can also use Oak logs, but remember you will need more kindling and our natural firelighters when lighting Oak as it is denser. Our patio chimenea will have you’re your hearts singing when you create a glowing bed of red embers. Buy Kindling and Firelighters to make lighting easier. Remember with all outside burning, the same rules apply to burning indoors, to avoid smoke, you need to create the fire to its hottest quickly, using our Log-Barn Natural Firelighters and Kiln Dried Kindling will get your fire up and running nice and fast. If burning softwood on your firepit or our Chimenea, make sure that it is well seasoned, so that it does not spit. Burning Kiln Dried hardwood is better in our opinion as it lasts longer and will reduce spitting. External use only. Item will be scorching when in use, this is a toy for adults, not children. We wouldn’t advise burning scrap wood, for example pallets, old fence posts and panels and building offcuts, as these will have paint or chemicals on them which is bad for the environment and the Chimenea. Steel is far stronger than traditional Clay Chimeneas, which can often crack and be impossible to repair. There is no cover with this Chimenea or lid, however, there is a drain hole in the bottom to stop water pooling. Easy to build, there is an instruction manual in the packaging. If you have a back garden Pub, this will complete it!

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