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  • 9-14 Logs Per Net (depending on width)
  • 25 Cm Length
  • Moisture between 15%-20%
  • Delivery 3-10 days
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Buy Oak Firewood Logs

Kiln Dried oak is a very slow burning wood, great for overnight burning as it is very dense.

Burning oak in a stove gives a long and hot burn. It is also used for cooking with in smokers because of its characteristic Smokey aroma. If you are new to Kiln dried oak, we would recommend adding it to an established fire so that you can see how it burns. Our best top tip is to mix in other woods like silver birch when starting the fire and then add Oak logs. Once you have a hot fire, Oak is a really good choice. It’s an essential part of making the perfect fire, try adding a few logs to your fire pit to see how much longer it burns. Oak will keep you and your friends nice and toasty.
Due to their lower moisture content, kiln dried logs burn for a longer period than seasoned logs and have a higher calorific value which makes them more economical than other types of firewood. Our high-quality premium kiln dried logs have a calorific value of 4.2kwh/kg.
All of Log-Barn’s wood is sourced from FSC certified forests.

There are two types of cubic meter, a loose filled and a stacked. 28 nets are the same as a 1 cubic meter loose filled. A stacked 1m cube would be 45 nets.



Kiln Dried firewood nets

Fire wood delivered on pallet | Kiln dried hardwood firewood

Kiln dried logs in nets on delivery pallet

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