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Extra Long Matches 28cm X1 Log-Barn Extra Long Matches 28cm.


Thicker Matches to Reduce Snapping. Perfect for Open Fires, Stoves, BBQ’s, Candles, Kamino’s, Professional Kitchens & Gas Range Tops. !Long Lasting Safety Matches!

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  • 28cm length Matches Perfect for Lighting Log Burners, BBQ’s, Fireplaces, Pizza Ovens, Candles, Commercial Kitchen Ovens and any other hard to reach Fuels.
  • Long Safety Matches That are Thick and Strong. Less Risk of Snapping When Striking the Match.
  • Low Profile Match Box Design for Easy Storage and Stacking. Perfect for Storing in Draws or On a Fireplace Mantel.
  • Each Match Box Contains 90 matches: Long Length: 11inch (28cm)
  • Match Boxes Have a Strike Point Down One Side of The Box – Top Quality Product


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