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Coffee Logs™

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Premium Eco Briquettes


  • 16 logs per bag
  • Made from waste coffee grounds
  • Burn hotter and longer than wood
  • Made in Great Britain
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Coffee Logs are premium eco briquettes made from recycled waste coffee grounds. Burning hotter and longer than wood, Coffee Logs are ideal for compatible solid fuel stoves, chimineas and open fires.

Coffee Logs are manufactured by award-winning clean technology company bio-bean, who have designed an innovative process to recycle waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels.

Coffee Logs are cost effective, carbon neutral and 100% manufactured in Great Britain by bio-bean.



• Place two firelighters on appliance bed and cover with kindling
• Add two or three Coffee Logs™ to the appliance bed
• Light the firelighters using matches or a lighter
• Do not disturb the Coffee Logs™ for 15 minutes whilst they ignite
• When the fire is established add more Coffee Logs™ as required


• 16 Coffee Logs™ per bag
• 6kg per bag
• PEFC certified, wet strength, recyclable kraft paper
• Bag dimensions – 280mm x 400mm x 140mm
• Burn time – c.54 minutes per Coffee Log™

• Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area
• Obey appliance instructions
• Light with kindling/firelighters


• Failure to follow specific appliance guidelines may
result in damage to property, injury or death
• Never leave an appliance unattended
• Keep the general public, children and animals away
from fire/hot appliances
• Do not place your appliance near
• combustible/flammable materials/structures
• Keep fire extinguisher to hand at all times and use
appropriate tools with heat proof gloves
• An extractor/ventilation may be required for indoor
• Do not use petrol or any other volatile fuel to light

Use only in compatible solid fuel stoves. Build up Coffee Logs™ gradually, do not overload your stove and follow manufacturer guidelines.

Make sure your chiminea is on a level, stable surface outdoors and a safe distance from all structures.
Add sensible volumes of Coffee Logs™ and never overload.

Contain fires, ensure chimneys are clear, keep all combustible materials at a safe distance, ensure fireproof space and fire screens if necessary. Do not overload your stove.



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Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Coffee Logs™

  1. Geoff Swann

    This fuel is incredible.

  2. Tim Swanson

    Wow – what an amazing product – cannot wait to try it out!

  3. angela roscoe

    awesome concept and burns v well too. way better than normal briquettes. buying some more now!

  4. Nicky R

    These are brilliant, they do burn hotter and they do not spit at all unlike logs. We’re definitely buying these in future.

  5. Gideon Raff

    Excellent product and burns very nicely. Sadly they do not smell of coffee though 😉

  6. Ruth Gosen

    I love the whole concept of the fact that used coffee grounds are manufactured into the heat logs and they work amazingly well. They give off great heat and last a long time.
    Highly recommend them.

  7. Rich

    The logs seem to just fall apart into powder. I then have to constantly stir them to let oxygen in to burn the powder. Perhaps I am missing something? I want them to be more awesome!

  8. John Edlin (verified owner)

    Unlike one other review, we can smell the coffee when used.
    They do burn well but we mainly use them to aid starting the fire by sitting a white fire stick next to one.
    However, we only purchased 4 bags initially to try them out so it can work out quite expensive at £0.44 per log plus the cost of delivery. This reduces to £0.37 per log if you buy 50 bags.
    The only reason I do not give a 5-star rating is that I would like to see them at a cheaper price per log to give me the incentive to continue purchasing them.

  9. Rich (verified owner)

    Excellent fuel, perfect for our stove as it burns hot, lights easily and leaves a fine ash which drops easily into the ash pan. Would recommend and will order again.

  10. Frank Woolrych

    We have been using these excellent logs for over a year, never had any problem lighting them, if you follow the instructions. They are good valve for the money considering the amount of heat they give out, lasting for around an hour.

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