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Restaurant Grade Charcoal


  • Sawdust Charcoal
  • 10Kg, Boxes
  • Each box burns to the equivalent of 2, 12kg bags of standard charcoal
  • No wastage left in box
  • Holds shape when hot
  • Easy Storage
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These fantastic sawdust charcoal logs are regarded as one of the best fuels for cooking.

They burn longer than standard coals and their shape allows you to move them around in the oven without falling apart.

You would need the equivalent of 2 12kg bags of coal to get the same output as one of our boxes of the charcoal, this offers a great saving for any heavy users.

The product is supplied in boxes allowing easy storage.

Restaurant grade charcoal

This Charcoal gets very hot and retains its shape so that you can move it in the oven.

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20 Boxes, 40 Boxes

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1 review for Restaurant Grade Charcoal

  1. Chris

    The Charcoal is even better than I thought, easy to control the heat and has a great steady and long burn, couldn’t ask for more.

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