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  • 1m3 crate of stacked Ash Logs
  • 25 Cm Length
  • Moisture between 15%-20%
  • Delivery 2-10 days

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Large 1m3 crate of Ash Hardwood Logs are the same as a loose filled 1.5m3 bulk bag

Our 1m3 large crate of kiln-dried ash hardwood logs is a great choice for your wood store. Our premium quality logs have been dried in a purpose-built wood drying kiln to reduce their moisture content to around 11%-18%. This crate is excellent value at only £150 and contains as much wood as a 1.5m3 loose-filled bulk bag.

These are incredibly good value – the crate is entirely ash logs, not mixed hardwood. Ash is the firewood of choice because of the amount of heat it produces and because it burns with an attractive bright flame.

The dimensions of the crate are 103cm(H) x 115 cm(W) x 81cm (D). Whilst the size of crates may change slightly, there will always be the same amount of firewood.


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