Kiln Dried Logs

Our Kiln dried logs benefit from being more environmentally friendly as the kilns used to dry the logs use the wood waste from the logs splitting process fuels the kiln. Kiln drying logs this way is better for the environment than burning fuels such as coal, oil and gas.
Burning kiln dried firewood is considered to be carbon neutral.
Kiln drying any wood removes a greater quantity of moisture in the wood, therefore when burning the firewood, kiln dried will burn hotter and this increases the calorific value (energy) as more of the log is converted to heat.
The temperatures achieved by burning this type of wood means that the flue gases have far less particulates in the smoke that is given off, resulting in a cleaner chimney too, good news for you and your chimney sweep!
Simply put, when using kiln dried firewood you need fewer logs to achieve the same temperature as other alternative fuels, as well as less ashes to dispose of.

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