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Log Barn offers customers the best range of kiln dried logs and exciting firewood that will make your heart sing. From compressed Beech briquettes to for wood fired ovens to coffee logs that pump out 20% more heat than any other wood based products. We are proud to offer our customers a wide range of environmentally friendly products to use inside your home on your wood burner or outside in your fire pit or pizza oven. We hope that the products we sell will heighten the joy you feel when you finally get home to unwind in front of your favourite fire.


Kiln Dried Firewood

Our Kiln dried logs benefit from being more environmentally friendly as the kilns used to dry the logs use the wood waste from the logs splitting process fuels the kiln. Kiln drying logs this way is better for the environment than burning fuels such as coal, oil and gas. Burning kiln dried firewood is considered to be carbon neutral.
Kiln drying any wood removes a greater quantity of moisture in the wood, therefore when burning the firewood, kiln dried will burn hotter and this increases the calorific value (energy) as more of the log is converted to heat.
The temperatures achieved by burning this type of wood means that the flue gases have far fewer particulates in the smoke that is given off, resulting in a cleaner chimney too, good news for you and your chimney sweep!
Simply put, when using kiln dried firewood you need fewer logs to achieve the same temperature as other alternative fuels, as well as less sooty waste and ash to dispose of.

Silver Birch

The Hardwood of choice, Silver birch is a great burning fuel and suitable for all uses. Our Kiln Dried silver birch typically has below 20% moisture, but often sits around 15% moisture and therefore burns more efficiently and burns hotter. This means that you require less volume of logs to achieve the same heat output as other varieties of firewood such as seasoned wood. Silver Birch lights easily, has a sweet aroma making it a great choice for pizza ovens, wood burning stoves and fire pits.


Kiln Dried oak is a very slow burning wood, great for overnight burning as it is very dense. Burning oak in a stove gives a long and hot burn. It is also used for cooking with in smokers because of its characteristic Smoky aroma. If you are new to Kiln dried oak, we would recommend adding it to an established fire so that you can see how it burns. Our best top tip is to mix in other woods like silver birch when starting the fire and then add Oak logs. Once you have a hot fire, Oak is a really good choice. It’s an essential part to making the perfect fire, try adding a few logs to your fire pit to see how much longer it burns. Oak will keep you and your friends nice and toasty.


Fit for a Queen!, Ash has been a popular choice in the UK for centuries because it grows green with a very low moisture content, once kiln dried it makes a longer burning firewood with a slightly higher calorific value (energy) than silver birch, but yet easier to light than oak. Our Kiln Dried Ash moisture content after kiln drying is around 15%-18% moisture, is a little heavier than silver birch due to the grain being dense, which makes it a long lasting favourite. It has a nice tall flame when burning and the embers stay nice and hot, making ash one of the most popular woods to use. For those using kiln dried Ash for cooking expect to enjoy its more gentle smoky flavour, compared to the more traditional flavour of Oak. 

Seasoned Wood

The Hardwood of choice, Silver birch is a great burning fuel and suitable for all uses. Kiln dried silver birch typically has below 15% moisture and therefore burns more efficiently and burns hotter. This means that you require less volume of logs to achieve the same heat output as other varieties of firewood such as seasoned wood.


Compressed logs are fantastic for so many reasons, they are made from wood flour created from sawmills. They are formed into a log with no additives and squeezed under pressure to bind them together under high pressure resulting in a perfect log that lasts for ages, each briquette log is the same as 3 kiln dried logs. As they come in boxes they are easy to stack too, saving space when compared to storing firewood. Store these in a dry place like a garage or under the stairs. Briquettes are clean, efficient and an ash content of only 0.5%. Our compressed eco logs should definitely be on your list of goodies to try. Suitable for stoves, fireplaces, firepits, pizza ovens. Best to light these with our natural firelighters, saving on the cost of kindling.

Smokeless Coal

Smokeless coal is great for over night burning, or for people who are busy. Once it is alight, you will have a long burning fuel that really kicks out a heat. Our smokeless fuel is suitable for all multifuel stoves and fireplaces and comes in handy 10kg sacks. To light smokeless fuel, you would need Kindling and Natural Firelighters. You can use our smokeless coal inside smoke control areas like London. Smokeless coal is better than normal coal and it burns for longer, is cleaner for your chimney. Using Smokeless Coal means you will have an efficient burn you and will need less reloading than burning kiln dried logs. Try burning a kiln dried log on top for a nice flame picture.

Coffee Logs

Coffee logs are made from dried waste coffee granules and burn 20% hotter than any other type of wood making Coffee Logs the best thing since sliced bread for both stoves and BBQ’s alike. Coffee Logs are what the stove and fireplace industry has been waiting for. The manufacturer Bio-Bean won #Voom2016 competition in July 2016. Finally a product that really does make a positive impact on the environment, by using a food waste that would normally go to landfill. Furthermore Bio-bean have their own factory (designed by their own mad scientists) who have designed a process for making bio-fuels from the waste coffee granules, there plans are global. Buying coffee logs is not only good for the purse and your fire, but the environment too. Add them to you basket now!


How long/ When can I expect my delivery?

After you place your order, your order details will be passed on to our warehouse packing team who will prepare your pallet. Depending on the time of your order, your pallet will be collected by the courier either that day or the next working day. You will be able to see when your delivery has left our warehouse by using the delivery tracking feature on your account page.

Deliveries typically take 3-5 working days, but can increase during peak times, but this is rare! For any other issues please call or email us. You can check the status of your order by entering your tracking number and your email you used when registering.

How much does delivery cost?

We charge a flat fee of £7.95 for all England, Wales & southern Scotland deliveries per order.

If you receive an error at the checkout that reads “Shipping was not available” please email us to enquire if delivery is possible to your postcode.

Can I select a delivery time?

When our pallet company collects the pallet the local depot near you will call to arrange the delivery to you, so that you can be in and agree to have the pallet delivered on the day you need. Delivery will always occur between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Currently, there is no next day delivery or Saturday delivery. We are quick at processing the orders, so orders placed by 12pm, would normally be collected the same day and at the depot near you within 48 hours during which time you will be called. When the local depot calls you, they and ask them if they can give a rough time they will arrive as often on the day they will know.

Do you use cranes or for lifts for deliveries?

No, our deliveries are made with vehicles that have tail lifts. They need a road that is 3m min wide and have 5m road height.

How is a delivery made with a Tail lift?

The pallet of goods will be unloaded from a delivery truck, the tail lift is at the back. The pallet is they moved from inside the truck onto the tail lift, using a hand trolley called a pump truck, operated by hand and moved by the driver. The tail lift is lowered and the pallet moved off with the pump truck by the driver pulling it. If the ground is flat and hard like concrete or tarmac the driver may be able to get the pallet away from the kerb. If there is an incline this can make the delivery hard or impossible. It is up to the driver to determine where to place the pallet, considering their own health and safety assessment of the delivery. Remember they want you to be happy and will try their best to place the delivery as near as possible to your home. Remember a pallet can not be delivered over grass, gravel, soil, or any uneven ground.

Do I need to be in for my delivery?

Providing that you have left a note for the delivery driver when making the order then your pallet can be left in the designated space (Delivery is on pallets, the driver is not responsible for unloading the wood from the pallet or taking the crate away). The driver will load as near to your property as possible, remember big trucks are used, so please detail if a 7.5 ton truck is to be used in the delivery notes, otherwise it will be assumed that any size vehicle can be used. Please remember pallet trucks are used to move the goods and these can only go over flat ground and not over grass, gravel, woodchip, fake grass, uneven crazy paving, cobbled roads, mud, ice, inclines or curbs or steps. But having said all that, the driver will always do their best to be as near to your home as possible. So if you are not going to be in we would leave as near to your home as possible, considering what is safest for the drivers back and for pedestrians and other road users. Please note that the trucks need 3m minimal wide road and to have 5m minimal clearance with height.

What if I miss my or reject my delivery?

If you are not home when the delivery is attempted then the pallet will be returned to the depot, there will be a £60 restocking fee and a small handling fee of £5, plus the delivery cost currently £7.95. If you are not in but have someone to take the delivery, they will need to be at the property and sign for the delivery. This person needs to be over 18 years old and be able to accept the goods.

Can I collect my order?

Unfortunately this is not available due to our national service. Our address is the office address and all our production is done off site.

Can I cancel and return my goods?

If the goods have not been processed and are not ready for collection by the courier, we will refund the order. If they are ready for collection, we will refund minus a small handling fee of £5. If the order has been collected from us then there will be a refund given, minus delivery costs to us for returning the goods, plus a £5 handling fee and of the delivery cost of £7.95. If you are cancelling the order after the goods have arrived at your home, we will need the goods to be delivered in the same packaging and arrive here in the same, sellable condition as we sent them. We will confirm the products can be resold and then issue the refund. Please note, it is very rare that people cancel our firewood as our firewood is great!

Will you refund me if my goods are damaged?

Yes, you need to make a note on the delivery note. We will refund the quantity of goods that are damaged beyond use. We are unable to offer any compensations where the drivers delivery note has not been updated.

Where do you deliver to?

Main land UK. We do not charge a premium for London! Our flat fee of £7.95 is for all England, Wales & southern Scotland.

If you receive an error at the checkout that reads “Shipping was not available” please email us to enquire if delivery is possible to your postcode.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept online payments which are processed via Barclays edpq, cards that are accepted any Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards.

We can also take payments over the phone if required.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

Payment details are not stored on our website, all payment processing is processed by Barclays so your security is assured.  


How do I place an Order?

Ordering online is simple, select the product and the quantity that you require and add to the basket. Once you have added all your items to the basket you can proceed to the checkout by clicking the trolley icon on the top right of the screen. A delivery fee of £7.95 will then be added to your order prior to the checkout.
Please ensure that the delivery address is correct and add any notes to the order that you would like us to pass on to the delivery driver. Once you select your payment method your order will be processed and handled by Barclays. You will be redirected to enter you secure information prior to being redirected back to the order confirmation page.

How long dose a refund take?

In the unlikely case a refund is needed then this will be credited back to your payment card within 3-5 days after approval.

Do I need an account to place an order?

You can order as a guest, however, by creating an account you will be able to track your previous orders. This will save you time when you choose to re-order.

All your details will be secure and no banking information is held on our website.

How Do I Track My Order?

In your account area you will be able to track the progress of your order to see when it has been dispatched. 

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Please email info@log-barn.co.uk if you have any questions, alternatively feel free to call us. Please see our contact page for details.

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us