How Do I Know My Firewood Is Dry?

How Do I Know My Firewood Is Dry?

If you buy your logs from Log-Barn then you will know that your firewood is nice and dry and ready to burn, but  if you have brought your logs somewhere else then here are a few simple checks that can help you decided if a log is dry or still damp.

Burning dryer wood is more efficient as energy is not lost removing the moisture and this allows the wood to burn hotter and longer. So it is always advisable to burn wood that is driest.

1. Dry wood is lighter than damp wood, the more it dries out the less moisture content it will have and the lighter it will become. (be careful buying wood when it is sold by weight)

2. Dry wood often tends to shed it’s bark and the end grain can show sings of cracks or splits.

3. When handling dry wood/logs they will feel warm and dry, whilst wet wood feels cold and damp.

4. Dry wood  is easy to light, burns well and gives off lots of heat.

6. Damp wood is difficult to light, often hisses, spits and smokes a lot. The heat given out will be little in comparison to dry wood.

Additionally, you can always check how dry firewood is by using a moisture meter. These will provide you with the moisture percentage of your logs. Good wood for fires is considered to be under 20% to make sure you are getting as much heat for your money as possible. Kiln dried wood is wood that has gone through an oven to dry out the moisture and should always read under the 20% mark.


Digital Moisture Meter For Firewood



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