How to fire up your wood fired oven using pizza oven briquettes.

How to fire up your wood fired oven using pizza oven briquettes.

For all you authentic wood fired pizza lovers, it’s crucially important to get your oven to the perfect cooking condition. This involves generating a high and consistent temperature for your oven, the optimum temperature means the optimum quality pizza. Using a good quality fuel such as kiln dried wood (Pizza Oven Logs) or what is commonly used in restaurants, pizza oven briquettes (Beech Briquettes) becomes a vital part to a crispy pizza.

Pizza Oven Briquettes

These 100% beech briquettes  are produced using beech sawdust flour, which is then compressed into a hexagonal log shape which provides control when moving them in your pizza oven.  These briquettes have an incredibly  low moisture content, which means that the heat output generated from a single log is equivalent to around 3 kiln dried logs. The greatest benefit from using these briquettes is the fact that they provide consistency, each log burns the same as the last which is impossible to achieve when using wood.  To buy or find out more click here: Pizza Oven Briquettes

Kiln Dried Wood

Kiln dried like silver birch, a wood with a moisture content of under 20% is also good for your pizza oven. Silver birch is often used when cooking bread products in the oven as it infuses a sweet smokey taste to the food. Kiln dried wood has been dried and has a much lower moisture content than seasoned wood, which we wouldn’t recommend using for cooking with.

TIP: If you are seeing excessive smoke when burning your logs then this is most likely due to a high moisture content. Always keep your wood as dry as possible.


  1. Place a firelighter in the middle of your pizza oven
  2. Using either your briquettes or kiln dried wood, form a tripod/triangle stack around the firelighter. (You want the flame from the firelighter to be in contact with the wood or briquette without smothering it.)
  3. Light the firelighter, if using the briquettes these will light and stay alight once lit. if using wood then you may require extra kindling to boost the flame.
  4. Leave the fire burning in the center of the fireplace so that the stones become nice and hot.
  5. Once you have got your fire going,  if using wood then begin to add more wood to help build a more aggressive fire.
  6. once the pizza oven starts to approach the desired temperatures, use a scraper or tongs to push the logs/briquette to the outer walls of the fire, creating a good size area for your pizzas.
  7. You can either use a laser thermometer  to test the temperature or you can throw a handful of flour into the oven, if it catches on fire then the temperature is good.

The perfect pizza oven should be roughly 450°c, with a hot stone base and a nice rolling flame across the roof of the oven. This cooks the pizza from the top and bottom, giving you amazing results and a pizza to be proud of!

Pizza cooking in a forno

Pizza cooking in a forno


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