Cooking On Wood: Roasted Chestnuts

Cooking chestnuts at christmas

Cooking On Wood: Roasted Chestnuts

The smell of roasted chestnuts at the Christmas markets is when you know Christmas is nearly hear.

There is almost nothing better then holding a bag of warm chestnuts on a cold night, its like a little bag of love.

Chestnuts are actually rather easy to do at home on your fire or in your stove, so why not give them a try.

Make sure that you give them a good rise with warm water as this will prevent the chestnuts from burning.

Once rinsed, pierce with a knife to make sure that these little chestnuts don’t pop and start flying across the room.

Either place them into a cast iron pan or loosely wrap in tin foil prior to placing in your fire.

Cook for a few minutes on a high heat and then enjoy!

Christmas is here!


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